Founded in 2008 as a publishing service provider, Eber & Wein Publishing is made up of editors, educators, graphic artists, and book publishers who have either worked in traditional mainstream publishing or other related fields. We have all come together to create a non-traditional method of publishing books that is most conducive to writers who are not seeking or who are not eligible for large publishing contracts. Today, new technology has created opportunities for these writers that they wouldn’t have had in the past. Our specialty is working with authors whose manuscripts don’t have huge commercial appeal; however, they do have a small niche market. We also specialize in working with legacy writers who don’t necessarily want to sell their book but want to create a quality publication for family and friends. Practically all of our publications have short runs of less than 500 copies and many are printed on demand. We provide distribution services through all major book distributors such as Baker & Taylor and Ingram and online distribution through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble (www.barnesandnoble.com).

If you are in the market to publish a book we encourage you to shop around, get quotes, and ask questions. Today there are many publishing options and some are better than others.


    • We are proud to announce the most recent winners of our poetry contest!
    • We would like to congratulate all of our winners and thank all those who entered for being part of our contest.

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